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Horror Author


About Ryder Kinlay

Ryder Kinlay is the new kid on the block in the world of horror.

From Australia's Outback, she plans to draw inspiration from the reality of her own unique backyard. That's not to say it'll be all about the Land Down Under, but she'll probably always throw in a crocodile or two.

Her debut novel REHAB has been described as gritty, violent and graphic. Kinlay plans on bringing readers more tales of horror, not always extreme, but bloody good yarns.

She currently is releasing a series of extreme shorts as part of the David Longbottom MisAdventures. Upcoming books planned include TEGUZ, Mummy Dearest and Robbie (REHAB sequel).

Kinlay is very active on social media, we promise she won't bite. So join her and enjoy the ride!


Summer Byrnes had a privileged life, but her love for the drink has ripped it apart.

Isolated in an artificial world of rules and punishment, Summer’s looks and wealth make her the target of lust and jealousy at Eden Creek Rehab.

They’ve made her life a living hell.


But it’s nothing compared to what her eight-year-old son will unleash on anyone who hurts his mummy.


Warning: REHAB contains sexual and physical violence. Some content may disturb.

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"Horror writers are specialists in the worst case scenarios."

Richard Laymon

Ryder’s in your face, brutal and dirty prose secures her position as a future star of Indie Horror.

If you thought America had some grade A psychos, wait and see what we have down under.

— Simon McHardy, Author of Mother Maggot

Ryder Kinlay has written a gruesome and graphic horror story that you won't be able to put down until it's finished.

— Lauren, Goodreads

This is a very intense story, full of violence and gritty characters straight from the Australian underground.  I give this 4 solid stars for a riveting debut by Ryder Kinlay. 

— Candace Nola, Author/Reviewer

Loved it...far too polished and good for a first novel.

— Lotte McLeod, Goodreads

Rehab is Ryder Kinlay’s first book and she has a hit right out of the gate! This 5 star book has definitely made me a fan of Ryder Kinlay and I’m eagerly awaiting her next release.

— Karen Polhemus, Goodreads

Bloodymoon (Longbottom #1)

Rich and handsome David Longbottom sweeps small-town girl Kylie off her feet.


She can’t believe her luck. After a whirlwind romance, they go to Thailand for their honeymoon. A place that anything goes, and where money buys everything.


What happens on tour, stays on bloody tour.

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This is not an EXIT (Longbottom #2)

David Longbottom is seriously pissed off. His cock is pining for the old days and gone walkabout. Also the pandemic is fucking with his privileged life.


What new depravity will give this tosser his 'happy ending'?


To buy a copy visit Amazon or Godless.


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